Sunday, November 30, 2014

With Sadness ..

(August 27, 1953 - November 27, 2014)
Terrye French passed away Thursday November 27th, 2014.

I am so deeply saddened today for the loss of my dear friend Terrye French.  I have no words for how I have felt these past few hours.  My heart breaks for her family and loved ones.  Terrye was a very special lady, she shared so much to so many through her art and generous spirit.  She will be sadly missed.  She will always be  in my heart.

So many of you have asked me for updates over the past few months and I apologize for not saying more but I had hoped that not saying more and with everyone's prayers that she would recover.  
I had a nice little chat with Terrye's daughter Kera and the family has an idea for a memorial for Terrye that we can all contribute too ... If you would like too ... Terrye had a beautiful prim feather tree that she used to love to decorate for christmas until she no longer had the space to put it. Kera has this tree and was thinking how nice it would be if people wanted to remember Terrye with a hand painted ornament. You could write a little note on the back if you wanted or just sign your name and where you are from. They thought that it would be such a nice memorial and we all agreed that this is what Terrye would love. It would be a tree that would be shared amongst Terrye's 3 children and something for her grand daughters to enjoy over the years. I hope you are as happy as I am to be able to send a little something back for all that Terrye has shared with us over the years and what she leaves behind for us all to continue to enjoy. 

Note from Terrye's daughter Kera:
Thank you all so much for the love, prayers and messages you have taken the time to send. It is beautiful beyond words to know all of the lives Mom touched trough painting and her kind heart. Many have asked what they could do during this time. Mom had a primitive country Christmas tree, that she loved. We would be honored if you would help decorate it. If you would like to send an ornament for the tree that would be lovely. Please sign, date and put where you are from on the ornament. We plan to put up the tree every year on Thanksgiving Day. We will be able to share the giving, inspirational, helpful and loving way she touched each one of you with her grand daughters as they get older. This is a beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady. Thank you so much for your love. You are a comfort to our hearts and for you all, we are thankful.

Ornaments can be mailed to:

Terrye French Memorial Tree 
C/O Kristin, Kera, & Klayton
1247 Wandering Oaks Ct.  Norman, OK 73026

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Rustic Snowman

Designed and Painted by Cindy Ohama
* More "Art with Cindy" designs coming soon!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Holiday Accent Pillows

Painted by Deb Antonick
(Originally Published in Paintworks Christmas 2013)

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